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  patio doors repaired and replaced  
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  patio doors reglazed and repaired

water inside a double glazed window

Example of water trapped inside a
double glazed window due to the seal breaking down. The water gradually
builds up between the two sheets of
glass, causing misting or condensation
within the window.

Repairs to sliding patio doors.

The wider the doors the quicker the wheels are likely to wear out. This picture show a door with tandem (two) rollers, although most of the older patio doors only had one wheel each end of the slider.

 door wheels    The angled ramp shows the action the carriage takes when it is adjusted up. These wheels run on sealed caged ball bearings.

When wheels start to wear some people try oiling them but that only picks up dirt and grit.

The wheels sets are straightforward to replace, but it means taking out the slider and partly de-glazing to get at the screws under the the glass unit.

If the draught-proofing pile strip becomes detached it is usually impossible to replace as it is factory fitted into channels before the frames are assembled.
If the hardwood frames has rotted it is usually not economical to replace just that, and maybe it is time the old door was replaced with a nice new white PVC-U set. This should be a worthwhile expense as security and insulation should be vastly improved, and no more painting or staining.

Double Glazing "Misted"

In the trade we say that the double glazed sealed unit has 'broken down'. This means that the perimeter edge seal has lost it's integrity and that it is letting in moisture somewhere.  Typically the moisture will be drawn in as the atmospheric pressure changes, and it will build up eventually condensing into water inside the sealed unit.

The only answer is to replace the double glazed sealed unit with a new one. Chris Knight can undertake this work for you.

  patio doors replaced and repaired

misted double glazing glass

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